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Our Services


Having a good and high speed internet is an essential need for any business to grow and develop. Catering to this integral need, Telosy offers high performance Internet access and comprehensive maintenance of the network. We provide a variety of plans to serve you as per your requirements.


Telosy offers guaranteed protection to business by installing the advanced security and surveillance systems. We provide a myriad range of advanced security and surveillance solutions that include CCTV Cameras, Biometrics Security System, Access Control, GPS Tracking System etc. which stay awake 24x7 to serve your business.


Telosy makes communication better and simpler by installation of advanced telecommunications technology. To meet your telecommunications needs, Telosy offers state-of-the-art solutions like EPABX, Walkie-talkie, PRI, Toll-free numbers and ​Cloud IVR​. We understand how crucial team network building is and our Voice Solutions will let your organization be more productive and efficient.


With cutting edge technology, Telosy excels in providing best-in-class Network solutions that will enable smooth functioning of networking infrastructure. Our effective and flexible solutions involve Ethernet Network, Fiber Optics Network and Wireless Network.


Telosy offers varied software solutions along with quality maintenance operations that guarantees continued business development and success. Our software solutions are designed to meet your business requirements.


Having a website is an important need for the business today. Telosy understands clearly your need to stay unique among your competitors and hence offers you varied website solutions ranging from web designing to maintaining websites, so that your business experiences continued success.